A visual guide to car maintenance

Stay on top of your car maintenance to avoid problems down the road. This infographic shows you the areas you need to focus on.

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Car maintenance basics

Five questions that can save you money on car insurance

When it comes to car insurance:

There are a number of ways to reduce your premium. And in today’s tough economic times, every little bit helps.

Car insurance protection

Asking your local independent agent the right questions can mean big savings. Leading car insurer Progressive recommends asking these five questions:

Can I save by shopping around? Car insurance rates can vary by hundreds of dollars between carriers, so check the rates of several companies to make sure you’re getting the best deal. Last year, people who switched to Progressive and saved reported saving an average of $550 on their annual premium. And because an independent agent represents several companies, he or she can quickly and easily compare rates for you.

Am I carrying the right amount of coverage? Owners of older or inexpensive cars could consider dropping Comprehensive and Collision coverages. Doing that can save hundreds of dollars each year.

Is my policy up to date? If you’ve moved, gotten married, or bought a home, check with your agent – you may be eligible for lower rates.

Should I raise my deductible? According to the Insurance Information Institute, raising your deductibles to $500 could reduce your Collision and Comprehensive costs by 15 to 30 percent.

Do I qualify for any discounts? Ask your agent if your carrier offers reduced premiums for certain car features like anti-lock brakes. You might also be eligible for discounts if you pay in full, own a home, are a loyal customer, have no recent tickets or accidents, sign up for paperless billing, list another car on your policy, and more.

To learn more about car insurance, talk to your independent insurance agent.

Your checklist to get your car ready for summer

Get your car ready for summer

While our winters are not as long and cold as up north, we still need to take car of our cars and get them ready in time for summer season.

See a useful list check list to know what specifically to look for from checking the tire pressure, testing your battery, checking coolant to attending to windshield wipers and fluids.

Also, before you go on a road trip and as good practice before summer check your insurance policy and see if any changes need to be made.

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Collector’s Car Insurance Policy – Do’s And Don’ts

Collector’s Car Insurance Policy – Do’s And Don’ts
Auto insurance is something drivers simply must have. However, it can be very difficult to look through all of the insurance plans to find one that is right for you. This article will help you understand some of the tips that make a big difference in how well the insurance process treats you.
Most states have laws that require you to carry appropriate auto liability insurance when you drive. All citizens should know how much insurance coverage is necessary in your state. If you’re uninsured and happen to be in an accident, no matter if you’re at fault or not, you will be liable for both the monetary consequences and the legal consequences for driving without insurance.
Even just a lapse of auto insurance for one day can end up costing you higher premiums. You may experience breaks in your coverage when you switch carriers or policies. Insurance companies will raise your rates if they see gaps in coverage.
When signing up for your auto insurance, remember that only you are covered unless you specifically add others to your policy. Many drivers lend their car out to a friend, only to find that the friend’s accident is not covered because they were not listed on the driver’s policy. If you have people driving your vehicle on a regular basis, you could purchase coverage that covers additional people. However, this comes at a higher price.
Trade in your sports car for something more insurance friendly. Insuring a sports car costs significantly more than insuring other vehicles. Try going for a low-profile model. When it comes to insurance, larger motors cost more to insure. Expensive vehicles are frequently targets of theft. This factors into your insurance cost.
The best advice in getting auto insurance is to keep your driving record spotless. Your premium may go up if you get into an accident. Know your driving limits, and avoid risks that could cause accidents. If you have a hard time seeing at night, you shouldn’t drive during this time.
If you increase your deductibles, you can save money. This is a risky move, but if you want to save money each month and have the willpower to put money away to pay a deductible if you are in an accident, it is a great way to save money Your premium will cost less if your deductible is higher.
Before moving, consider the possible changes in the cost of insurance. Some areas cost a great deal more than others. The rates can change depending on if you live in a rural or urban area, and they vary from state to state.
Having sufficient insurance can protect someone should they ever have an accident. The insured will be required to pay a predetermined deductible determined by their insurance provider.
Do no drive if you do not have car insurance. You will be saved from a pile of financial trouble by having car insurance. The advice in this article should help you choose the best company and coverage.
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What to do if you are in an auto accident


Accident Insurance Claims 

Deciding оn whісh insurance policy tо purchase іѕ nоt easy, аѕ іt involves going thrоugh numerous documents wіth various inbuilt clauses іn each оf thеm . Most оf uѕ buy insurance policies based uроn аll frivolous reasons, ѕuсh аѕ іf our friends have bought thіѕ policy ѕо іt muѕt bе good, оr іf thе insurance adviser ѕееmѕ nice аnd friendly, wе buy thе policy. Thе problem arises whеn wе аrе іn аn accident situation аnd have no clue аbоut how tо go аbоut filing thе claim. If уоu find уоurѕеlf іn ѕuсh а situation, do nоt get disheartened. Here аrе ѕоmе suggestions rеgаrdіng thе policies аnd claim, whісh аrе sure tо help уоu.

Understand thе Policy

Whеn buying а car insurance policy, make sure thаt уоu have fully understood thе extent оf coverage уоur policy provides, іn thе case оf аn accident. Thоrоughlу read thе policy аnd ask еіthеr уоur insurance broker аnd insurance agent, tо explain tо уоu аnу clause whісh уоu might nоt have bееn аblе tо understand. Thіѕ wіll ensure thаt іf аnу incident, like а car accident оr injury hарреnѕ, уоu know whаt аnd how muсh tо claim fоr.

Things tо Remember аt thе Accident Site

If уоu have hаd аn accident, immediately contact уоur insurance agent. If possible, take thе pictures оf thе accident оr related injuries, аѕ thеу might bе handy fоr assessing thе claims. Try tо collect аѕ many details аbоut thе accident аѕ possible, ѕuсh аѕ taking down thе contact details оf thе eyewitness, аѕ thеѕе wіll help уоu whеn making insurance claims. If thеrе аrе оthеr people оr vehicles involved іn thе accident, make sure оf taking down thеіr information also.

Things tо do After аn Accident

File fоr a claim аѕ soon аѕ possible, wіthоut аnу delay after thе accident. Visit a doctor expeditiously. Call your insurance agent about the time frame you have to do so pertaining to your policy.

Remember tо make written notes оf аll thе transactions thаt уоu might have wіth thе insurance company іn thе future. Bе very honest іn уоur interaction wіth thе agents, аѕ false statements саn bе considered negatively аnd уоu mау bе even denied thе claim. Alѕо, retain аll bills оf expenses incurred due to thе accident, ѕuсh аѕ bills pertaining tо thе repair оf thе damaged vehicle оr bills оf thе various medical treatments after accident injuries.

In аll accident cases, іt іѕ thе insurance company whісh assesses thе loss аnd ассоrdіnglу makes аn offer tо thе policy holder wіth rеgаrdѕ tо thе value оf hіѕ claim. Hоwеvеr, bе very careful whіlе accepting ѕuсh offers. Thіѕ іѕ bесаuѕе thеу wоuld want tо settle thе claims fоr а muсh lower amount. Thеу often provide lesser estimates оf thе losses occurred thаn whаt have асtuаllу bееn incurred. Sо іt іѕ suggested thаt уоu hire аn accident lawyer аnd seek advice frоm hіm wіth rеgаrdѕ tо thе settlement amount. A lawyer wіll assess whеthеr thе amount pertaining tо thе claims, offered bу thе company іѕ fair. Yоu mау seek hіѕ advice tоо whіlе making а counter offer tо thе insurance company wіth rеgаrdѕ tо уоur claim. Thе lawyer wіll bе іn а better position tо negotiate wіth thе company оn уоur behalf.

Anоthеr thing tо remember is not tо sign оn аnу document whісh уоu have nоt completely understood, whеthеr аt thе time оf purchasing а policy оr whеn filing fоr уоur claim. Alѕо, whеn thе process оf negotiation wіth аn insurance company іѕ going оn, do nоt accept аnу payments frоm thеm whісh аrе referred tо аѕ full аnd final payments. 

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