Think you don’t need Flood Insurance?

Flood insurance

Are you thinking that you are not in a flood zone and therefore don’t need flood insurance? Or are you certain that your homeowners insurance will cover any damage? Or do you think, even if a flood occurs, it might not cost much in repairs?


You might have to rethink all of these assumptions because here are facts pertaining to flood insurance for you to consider:

Floods can occur in low-risk areas and are, mostly due to extraordinary circumstances and floods can occur even if you do not live next to water directly.

Every home is actually located in a flood zone, albeit be it a low-risk flood zone.

Flood damage is not covered by homeowners insurance and only covered by a flood-insurance.

It does not take much water to inflict costly water damage. Any repairs typically go into the thousands due to a lengthy process to repair starting with drying out the floors and walls.

FEMA help is typically only available as a loan after a disaster has been declared by the President and needs to be paid back with interest.

Flood insurance is not expensive and might make you sleep a lot better at night.

So, what are you waiting for? Talk to your insurance broker at Sherzer & Associates in South Daytona about flood insurance now as it takes 30 days after you purchase your policy to go into effect.


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