Handling Insurance Needs When Moving

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When you find yourself in a position to change homes, you may think your insurance needs are not as important as the move. The truth is, these needs are an important part of the move.

1. Understand your policy and what needs to change. You might need to make changes based on the location of your new home, the age and the condition it is in.
2. Know the risks in moving yourself and insure accordingly. There is insurance available for any potential damages that might happen during the move.
3. Protect your property when using a moving company. You might also consider getting your own insurance during the move and check if your moving company is insured.
4. Know the right companies to help with your move and how they protect you.
5. Prepare the right insurance needs for the new home. This is something you might want to think about before your move, so once you arrive you and your home are already covered.
6. Ensure that both homes are insured during overlap.

Protecting your home and property is a given when you are settled in the home. Make sure you are protected during the transition to a new home.

Contact your insurance agent for a quote.

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