The Riverwalk Project in Port Orange is finally on its way!

It has been many years when the talk about the construction of Riverwalk in Port Orange began. During that period of time, the plan entailed constructing a 3-phase plan for the thirty-five acre property located close to Downtown Avenue as well as U.S. 1. The 3-phase plan was mostly because of funding. With the park divided into three phases, they expected that it will provide them the opportunity to receive grant funding. At that point the City hoped for the first phase of the park to be completed before 2015 ends.

The announcement of the Riverwalk project in Port Orange led to various challenges along the way. Many people even wondered whether the project was still a go.

Now, 2015 is already on its third quarter. Good news is that the City of Port Orange has officially announced on their website, that the Phase 1A of the Riverwalk Park is underway.

A.G. Pifer Construction, which is the company that was awarded with the initial infrastructure project. It was also included in the post that its construction will begin by June and is expected to be completed before the year ends.

Once the construction is completed, the residents can start enjoying the amenities which the park’s Phase 1A will feature. This includes a canoe, kayak or standup paddleboard launch pad and a new timber boardwalk among others.

Riverwalk Port Orange

The timber fishing pier will also undergo refurbishment. A 12’ wide trail with a trailhead or concession stand or restroom facility will also be part of these amenities together with new landscaping, lighting and irrigation. Last, but not the least, a crossover bridge will be featured to connect the newly added amenities to the building of the Chamber of Commerce of Port Orange / South Daytona.

The start of construction of the Riverwalk project may have had a difficult birth. But, now that it is on its way, it will surely serve as another worth attraction spot to be visited in the city once it is opened for the public. Sherzer & Associates will keep you posted about the project progress.

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