Tips for Buying a Car For Your Teenager

Listen to what these ladies have to see about buying a new used car for your teen. The features a parent suggests versus what a teen wants might not be the same. However, safety and affordable insurance costs should be on the list of both, the parents and the teen. And of course, Sherzer & Associates is here to assist you with the car insurance.

Lauren Fix isn’t just the Car Coach. She’s also a mother of two teen drivers. Here’s a few things to consider if you’re shopping for a car for your new driver.

When it comes to your own children starting to drive, there are many questions that need to be answered. Do you let them use your car or do you get them a new car? What about a used car?

When the Car Coach needs help answering these questions, she asks the Teen Car Coach, otherwise known as Shelby Fix, her daughter.

“Well as a new driver you want to impress your friends. That’s why you get a car. You want to say, ‘Hey, look, that’s my car. Look how cool it is.’ If it’s used, you wake sure it’s a certified pre-owned. Whether it’s new or used you want to look at the insurance rates because if it’s higher than what you want to spend, you might want to consider looking at another car,” said Shelby.

Another question to consider is, what kind of accessories or options should you look at when purchasing a new or used car?

“For teen drivers, they want power windows, they want a sick sound system, they want a cool color. And also, they have to look at safety. You have to make sure there are side air bags and an anti-lock brake system. Also GPS, if it’s not built into your car, you should go out and buy a GPS, because looking down at your phone trying to figure out where you are can cause an accident and that’s not good,” said Shelby.

It also doesn’t hurt to come up with a set of rules or a contract that you and your new driver will agree on.

“When I first got my new car, I actually had to do all of the basic maintenance, plus change the oil. Then I could get the keys handed to me, and that was the best because you never know when you might be stuck on the side of a road you’ve got to know how to do that,” said Shelby.

The Car Coach’s suggestion for the best kind of cars for teens are late model, midsized sedans. Look at safety crash test results before deciding on a vehicle. Remember to test drive as many vehicles as you can before making your final decision on a vehicle.

Don’t forget to check those safety ratings and make sure it meets your teen’s needs as well as yours.

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Aired: 8/04/2011

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